Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Eleventh month

I just realized the other day it's time to start planning Rhett's first birthday and I broke down in tears. The last eleven months have been so exciting, exhausting, challenging, and absolutely joyful. Rhett is the perfect fit to our beautiful mess. I'm so thankful that Caleb has such a close brother to share life experiences with. Rhett seems to have changed so much this month. He is starting to interact a lot more and loves watching how things work and trying it out himself. Here's the stats from this month:

Weight: 24 1/2 pounds
Diapers: size 4 
Clothing size: mostly 18 months 

  • Walking holding on to things 
  • Sits with one leg under him
  • Stands on his tip toes 
  • Very flexible
  • Hates getting diaper or clothes changed
  • Loves trying to crawl up the stairs- laughs hysterically when we say no
  • Throws fits when he doesn't get food fast enough or gets things taken away from him.

  • Great nap taker still
  • Typically takes a morning and afternoon nap

  • Bedtime still around 8:30
  • After Rhett's sickness he quit his early morning bottle--- no crying either 
  • Quiet sleeper again (woohoo) 
  • Wake up time around 6:30-7

  • No more formula
  • Moved on to cows milk (still prefers it warm in a sippy cup) 
  • 3 cups of milk a day
  • Food loves: beans, rice, strawberries, yogurt 
  • Eats everything off our plates- no more baby food
  • Outeats c ever meal
  • Still tries to eat dog food if he can find any 
  • Pretty sure he will LOVE his cake next month

  • Decoration at Tilly
  • Fourth of July in Jacksonville
  • Two nights at Mimi and Pappys while mom and dad went camping
  • Ear infection and rash from antibiotics. Rhett was pretty miserable for six days. 
  • Pool party at Meg's. 
  • Decorating mommys classroom- the boys made it to several school trips with me this month. They love going and making messes. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Tenth month

How in the world has ten months flown by? Rhett is super active these days and never stops. I thought he was my calm child, but now I'm not so sure. Nonetheless he is almost always smiling and brings lots of cheer to others. Here are some stats:

Weight: 24 pounds
30 inches long

  • Less rolls
  • Getting a great farmers tan- as he has tanned a birthmark has appeared on his lower back
  • Hair is lightning up from the sun
  • Most people say he is looking like c more and more- especially their profiles

  • Very vocal and babbling a lot more
  • Stage 4 clinger- when I'm around he wants me and only me. It's kind of nice because C never cared if I was around. 
  • Has mastered crawling and pulling up
  • Stands on his tippy toes 
  • Learned to use his walker but would rather be on the floor crawling
  • Takes a few steps holding on to the couch
  • crawls straight to the stairs (and has crawled up halfway)- time for the baby gate 
  • Claps and waves a lot
  • Shakes his head no no
  • Anything he can get his hands on goes in his mouth 
  • When music comes on he smiles and starts bopping up and down.
  • Still very easy to smile

  • still 8 no new ones this month. 

  • Really enjoys eating off our plates
  • Favorites: yogurt, strawberries, bananas, eggs 
  • Enjoys self-feeding (or atleast trying)

  • Goes to bed around 8:30
  • Wakes up for bottle between 5-6
  • Wakes up for good around 7 

  • One morning and one afternoon
  • Occasionally catnaps in the evening 

End of school -- so mommy is home everyday now (yippee)
Mr. Brian's retirement bash at our house- we had a surprise party for Brian's Aylesworth at our house. We had 50 of his closest friends and family over to celebrate. Rhett was super fussy until I realized his pants were too tight. Opps!
Boat with daddy- Rhett loves trips on the water. He squeals really big when he sees fish! 
McNeills came over for vacation
Pool trips - seems to enjoy the water! Loves watching brother splash around.,